Lifty by Emovion / leichtestes faltbares E-Bike - nur 15 kg

Lifty by Emovion / lightest foldable e-bike - only 15 kg

The Lifty is the lightest folding carbon e-bike on the market. With its carbon frame, it weighs only 15 kilograms and still offers excellent performance. It is the perfect choice for campers travelling with motorhomes or caravans, as well as commuters who want to take the e-bike on the train for free, saving money and time.

The Lifty's motor supports the rider up to a speed of 25 km/h and has an impressive range of up to 60 km. The e-bike can also be folded in two to store it in an incredible dimension of 70 x 90 cm. The charging time is up to 5 hours. The rider can choose the desired level of support from 6 different levels using the display.

The "Lifty" is an e-bike that meets all the requirements of lightness and compactness, making it the ideal solution for those who want to be mobile when traveling or in the city. It is easy to handle and offers the convenience of an electric motor that makes cycling a pleasure. So if you are looking for an e-bike that is easy to transport and still offers good performance, take a closer look at the "Lifty".

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